Jets make pools more exciting than ever! You can use them to make your pool more interesting and fun, or you can use them to make your pool more useful and helpful.

Want to combine the two? No problem. Homeowners throughout the Houston area have called Coral Restorations to mix and match jet styles to incredible effect. You can even choose to section off one part of your pool for play, one part for relaxation, and one for exercise.

Decorative Jets

Give your pool the look of a public fountain or splash pad with delicate, arcing jets which run from the deck into the pool. These are also called laminar jets, or pencil jets, and they represent some of the latest trends in swimming pool style.

With the right lighting these can be turned into delightful color displays which enhance a party atmosphere or dazzle you with their beauty. And you can combine them with other features like fountains or statues to add even more visual interest.

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Resistance Jets

Don’t have much space to work with?

Small backyards and small, existing pools may make it seem like you won’t ever be able to use your pool for any kind of serious exercise. But there is a solution.

Resistance jets allow you to “swim in place” as long and as hard as you want. For those who aren’t strong enough swimmers to enjoy this benefit, there’s the option of creating an underwater treadmill for water walking.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Massaging hydrotherapy jets are good for more than hot tubs. They’re great in regular pools too, since they let you gain the benefit of massaging cold therapy. It can help you relieve pain and build muscle strength.

If you’re too sensitive to the heat to enjoy a hot tub but still want the benefits of hydromassage, hydrotherapy jets could be the answer.

Multiple-Use Jets

Different family members have different needs? Combination and adjustable jets can create fast, hard resistance for the athlete in your family, slower, gentler resistance for the more delicate members of your family, and therapeutic care for the members of your family who are dealing with chronic pain.

Just explain your needs and watch it happen before your eyes. Soon, the whole family can start enjoying your swimming pool, no matter the size.