Does your pool need help?

Murky, messy, uninviting pools. Bland, boring, outdated pools.

You didn’t pay extra for a pool in your home only to live with something you don’t want to swim in. Or even look at.

Get your pool cleaned up. Get it restored to its former glory. And while you’re add it, add the features you’ve been dreaming of. Waterfalls, waterspouts, water walls, fountains, and jets. Even built-in lounge areas, so you can cool off without ever having to inflate another raft.

Give your pool a bright, cheerful, whimsical look, a stately, elegant look, or a natural one. The modern pool isn’t just a place to swim. It’s a work of art, and a way to express yourself.

Is your yard just a patch of grass?

Who wants that? Instead, you could have an incredible outdoor kitchen and dining area, a conversation and lounge space, or an outdoor home theatre. Entertaining becomes easy on your gorgeous deck or in your romantic gazebo.

Enjoy your space at any hour by adding inviting outdoor lighting. Ward off chilly weather and throw backyard bashes even during the winter months by adding a large, attractive fire pit.

And don’t forget the finishing touches like rock work, new plants, and points of visual interest.

Your new yard can make “staycation” a lot more than pitching a tent and handing your kids a flashlight. You can literally come home to resort-style conditions every single day, all personalized to your tastes and desires.

Ready to explore the possibilities?

Grab some photos, jot down some thoughts, and call Coral Restorations for an estimate.

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