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    Pool Restoration and Outdoor Renovation Services in Houston

    Outdated pools can be modernized! With a few days of work, you can have a glorious, luxurious pool you’d be proud to invite your friends to swim in.
    Add all the features your current pool lacks. Want a hot tub, a water toy, a water feature, a waterfall? Want to enjoy any of the latest style or color options? Want to add jets to your small pool for continuous swimming and better exercise?
    It’s all possible. You bring your ideas. The team handles your design, prep work, and execution.
    We also handle another, more important issue: getting your pool up to code. Many pools are unsafe due to out-dated water filters. When we’re done, your pool won’t just look beautiful. It will meet modern safety standards, too.
    In a matter of days, you can start planning that pool party.

    New Home Buyer or Seller?

    It’s not uncommon for homeowners to purchase gorgeous homes saddled with ugly pools. But you don’t have to live with that pool for the rest of your time there.

    Restore your pool so you can love your home’s outside just like you love your home’s inside.

    Trying to sell? Investing in a restoration can provide an incredible return on investment,
    adding as much as 7% to the final sales price of the home, and helping your home sell faster. By contrast, adding a brand new pool typically offers a negative return on investment.

    An average pool remodel costs $5000 to $20,000. A brand new pool typically costs $50,000 to $65,000. It’s easy to see why restoration is the smart choice.

    Get an estimate today. Don't forget to bring your imagination.

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